Adventist Apps

They're useful toys... for ministry... so it's okay.

In the World but NOT of it... but still got some toys.


You need a Bible App.

Not Adventist-made, but still recommended.

ESV is a word-by-word committee translation, so it is close to the original Hebrew and Greek. Costs nothin' and worth every cent with its ease of reading, navigation, style, notes, and no wifi required to use.

Free! Lots of versions and languages, and many of them can be downloaded to your phone so you can use them without wifi. You do have to register, however.

Your daily Sabbath School lesson can now travel with you! Just down load the app and you'll have access to every lesson, for every age, every week. Wow!

OR try the NEW Sabbath School App! 
It's pretty fancy-schmancy...

Church Hymnal for on-the-go Adventists. Now you keep a song in your heart and in your pocket...

Don't know if I like it... get at own risk.

Ellen White's Writtings - Now you can double check all those "Ellen White said..." quotes.

AND... Did you know you can just ask Siri what time the sun will set, and she'll tell you? (She must be Adventist or Jewish or something... probably Jewish.)